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Scientific study of the earth as a home of man. Geographers have always followed a logical sequence of events. They have been able to analyze data and make conclusions based on evidence. Teachers of Geography ensure that the distribution and interrelationship of natural and human environment on earth’s surface is seen.

Recent changes in the teaching and learning of geography has dictated that learners and writers of Geography be alert since Geography is a dynamic subject.

To ensure that objectives are realized, learners have been able to go for geographical tours and trips, seeking advice from examiners on the current technique adopted by the Kenya national examination council. The department is intending to set up a metrological station in school to make learning more practical and improve the learner’s observational skills. Students, also, participate in symposiums with national schools as a way of enhancing their geographical knowledge.

Students of geography embark on a journey that transforms the students from subject to citizens, this is a useful for them to comprehend their role at the national level.




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