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Mount Laverna Girls students in during physics practicals

Deals with the study of non living matter and energy. Students are involved in rigorous study, through experiments. Students' creative and innovative power is heightened, and the student is thoroughly prepared to interact with the ever changing world of technology.

In order to complement the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom, the students are exposed to a motivating and enabling environment. They carry out experiments in well equipped physics laboratories.

Also, students participate actively in science club, which enhances their creativity and critical thinking. Therefore, students have a better competitive ability with other students during  science congress. In as much as the department aims at achieving good grades in national examination, it also strives towards making a student a motivated individual outside the classroom, that is; self-independed thinker and pro-active in finding scientific solutions to challenges inherent in the contemporary world.

Latest Achievement:

made Air Thermometer.

Mount Laverna Girls students in during physics practicals




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